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J1.6-2.0XN Electric Forklifts

J16-20XN Electric Forklifts
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Four wheel, electric counterbalance forklift

Clean, quiet forklifts with class leading manoeuvrability and low energy consumption combined with highly competitive productivity.

Superb acceleration, travel and lifting performance, with the manoeuverability of a three wheel truck for increased throughput and the best space utilization.

  • Lowest energy consumption in its class
  • Tightest aisle widths in its class
  • Strong chassis construction for durability and stability, boosting driver confidence
  • New design mast and heads-up display give the operator clearest visibility
  • Drivers enjoy generous foot space, intuitive pedal arrangement and three-point access with low step height
  • The latest mini-lever hydraulic control option offers the ultimate in controllability
  • Fully adjustable, full suspension seat
  • Swivel seat option and standard reverse horn button for frequent travel in reverse
  • Best in class serviceability and long service intervals
  • Select a truck to match your application with options that include frame lengths, battery types and side battery extraction

Load Capacity (kg) 1,600 1,800 2,000
Load Centre (mm) 500 500 500
Lift Height (mm) 5,500 5,500 5,500
Turning Radius (mm) (SWB/LWB*) 1654/1762 1762 1762

* SWB = Short Wheel Base
LWB = Long Wheel Base

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